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Growth Story: Robin Eykens

23 May 2023
In a nutshell:
  • How Robin’s ambitions became clearer thanks to the growth opportunities at TriFinance
  • Robin’s advice for growing toward your ambitions
  • How TriFinance creates opportunities in different ways

Robin started out as an enthusiastic Project Consultant in the public sector at TriFinance in September 2022. Within a short time, Robin gained practical experience in a range of projects, including in the financial services departments of four different local governments. His interest in and passion for local governments motivates him to learn continually about exciting public bodies in the organizational, financial and legal fields. Find out more about Robin!

Who is Robin?

Robin is a motivated consultant, eager to learn and with a passion for the public sector. Both within TriFinance and outside of it, he enthusiastically seeks opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge in order to grow his ambition.

What is your background?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political and Social Sciences and a Master’s degree in Public Management and Policy. For me, these studies were a logical extension of my Latin/Greek course of study in Humanities. Democracy always held a particular fascination for me, even before I joined TriFinance. That’s why I gained experience as a working student at the Flemish Agency for Local and Provincial Government (Agentschap Binnenlands Bestuur), where I was able to participate in the policy evaluation of the Policy and Governance Cycle Regulations (Beleids- en beheerscyclus, BBC).

In September 2022, I started working at TriFinance as a Young Hub via the Young Hub Program. I knew I’d have every opportunity here to grow professionally. Today, I assist the financial services departments of three local governments with the preparation of their annual accounts and the booking of invoices. Together with a Senior Consultant, I’m also drafting a Master Plan for supralocal sports infrastructure for an interlocal association of 12 local governments.

What is your current ambition?

My current ambition is to broaden my knowledge with the goal of becoming an all-around expert in the various services provided by these government bodies. The next thing on my to-do list is to learn how I, as a consultant, can assist local governments in preparing their annual accounts, follow-up reporting and multi-year plan.

The ultimate ambition is to learn continuously, both for yourself and for others. Be open to various insights, delve into current issues and keep evolving. That’s the key to growth and progress.

Robin Eykens, Project Consultant Public Sector

How do you grow your ambition?

With my eagerness to learn and the opportunities that TriFinance creates for me. I can acquire new knowledge and skills quickly, which allows me to grow steadily toward my ambitions which are also becoming increasingly clear.

What does ‘Grow your ambition’ mean to you?

Discovering ambitions by trying. Ambitions can be quite vague at the beginning of your career. As a recently-graduated consultant, it’s not easy to have a concrete end goal in mind. But practical experiences, various projects and challenges gave me the opportunity to define my ambitions more clearly and take my professional and personal development to the next level.

What is your ultimate ambition?

Continue to learn and grow by continually recognizing growth and improvement opportunities both for myself and others. Be open to new challenges and immerse myself in current and diverse insights. In this way, I can broaden my world view and work in a versatile manner within local governments.

Since I have a non-financial profile, I want to first familiarize myself with the various financial and tax processes at government bodies through various projects at TriFinance.

By being open to new opportunities and challenges, your ambitions will become clearer and therefore more achievable.

Robin Eykens, Project Consultant TriFinance Public Sector

If you could give your younger self some advice in one sentence, what would it be?

Don’t get fixated on just one ambition, but be open to a multitude of growth opportunities. If you seize these opportunities, your ambitions will naturally follow.

What is your advice to new or existing colleagues who want to grow their ambition?

  1. Ambition is a vague concept for people at the beginning of their careers. As a recently-graduated consultant, it’s not easy to have a clear end goal in mind. Talk with TriFinance, it will help your ambitions become clearer.
  2. With a non-financial profile, financial and bookkeeping processes may seem overwhelming or intimidating at first. Have the courage to immerse yourself in this world via practical experiences.
  3. TriFinance creates opportunities to gain new experiences, knowledge and skills. Grab these opportunities and indicate the areas in which you want to grow.