How much chemistry is there between cities and companies?

14 February 2023

The Sustainability panel discussion

Sustainability has become an essential factor in the strategies of both city authorities and private companies. However, one works for its citizens and the other for its customers. Does this lead to significant differences, or is it possible for them to work together?

We invited Nils Vanantwerpen, Directeur Ruimte at the City and OCMW of Roeselare, and Davy Declerq, Head of Sustainability at chemical company allnex to compare their views on sustainability through five statements, in conversation with TriFinance Client Partner Filip Ceulemans.

The statements discussed are:

  1. Sustainability is all too often about checking the boxes
  2. Governments target citizens, so they approach sustainability differently from private companies
  3. Sustainability will only happen at customers’ or citizens’ pace
  4. The social element, or the ‘S’ in ESG, is in danger of being overlooked
  5. Cities and companies too often disregard interesting sustainability collaborations

How much chemistry is there between cities and companies?


Dutch version and photo impressions

We hebben een Nederlandstalige versie van het panelgesprek over duurzaamheid voor u beschikbaar op onze Nederlandstalige Belgische website, waar u de volledige Nederlandse tekst 'Hoeveel chemie is er tussen steden en bedrijven?' kunt downloaden en lezen.

For a brief photo impression of the debate between Davy De Clercq, Nils Vanantwerpen, and Filip Ceulemans, see the slideshow below.