Reshaping our Young Hub Week: Sharpen your consulting skills from day one

26 March 2024
Lander Coene Project Consultant CFO Services Connect on Linkedin

In an ever changing world, we believe in continuous improvement. Next to implementing this mindset with our clients, we practice what we preach within our own company and revise our business processes and trainings regularly.

I began my journey at TriFinance as a recent graduate in September 2019. Upon joining the company, I followed the Young Hub Program, tailored specifically to our Junior Consultants. Over this period of two weeks, we covered a range of essential topics vital for our upcoming projects, including bookkeeping basics, SAP fundamentals, business process descriptions, and sharpening writing and presentation skills.

A shift in skills

Over the years, our Young Hub colleagues experienced that implementing all learnings immediately was challenging. To address this, TriFinance extended the Young Hub training sessions over 1.5 years, providing ongoing support and targeted learning opportunities as we navigated our projects. These sessions also served as platforms for real-life case reflections and collaborative problem-solving with peers and senior consultants, drawing upon their wealth of project experiences.

While this new setup was recognized as an improvement, further refinements were needed. Consultants identified a strong emphasis on 'Finance' over general consulting skills. Next to expertise in finance, TriFinance offers also expertise in IT, Human Development and Advisory. Instead of focusing mainly on hard skills, we moved towards consulting skills and soft skills, which we believe are vital for young graduates. Vital skills such as: interviewing, data analysis, presentation skills, project management,.…

Implementing consulting skills via real-life client challenges is an important part of our Young Hub Program

Lander Coene, Project Consultant

Approach redesigning the Young Hub week

Some trainers of the Young Hub Week and experienced consultants went back to the drawing board. We brainstormed on how to implement these consulting skills in our Young Hub Week resulting in a business case based on real-life client challenges. This practical case required analytical thinking, business process understanding, interview skills and presentation skills.

What was our approach to the Business Case? Our consultants were split into teams tasked with tackling client problems head-on. Leveraging role-playing scenarios, the teams engaged with key stakeholders, such as the CFO and the finance manager. During an interview with the CFO, the consultants gained insights into different pain points within the organization and the financial department. In the interview with the finance manager, the teams gathered more info about the Process-to-Pay process. Together with the Data Analyst, they went from data to insights with the raw data of the company.

Throughout this process, mentors provided invaluable guidance and challenges, serving as sounding boards and catalysts for our professional growth. TriFinance boasts an advanced mentoring program designed to push our consultants beyond their comfort zones and foster growth throughout their projects.

After the analysis and design of their new to-be situation, our Young Hubs could present their findings towards the Board of Directors of the company. Throughout the role-play, the different teams were challenged in their presented solutions. They received some tips and tricks from experienced Project Managers. To close the week, an after action review was organized between trainers, mentors and young hubs, where the young hubs could reflect on themselves, the team and the progress they achieved during the week.

Consulting skills tailored to the needs of our Young Hub

Reflecting on the renewed Young Hub week, both the creators, mentors, trainers and participants are reminded of the importance of practical, hands-on experiences in developing consulting skills. Our comprehensive approach ensures that Young Hubs not only acquire but also master the skills required for their first projects.

We look forward to future iterations of our Young hub week to further tailor it to the needs of our Project Consultants. We remain committed to enhancing this program further, adapting it based on market needs, insights from participants, and recommendations from (senior) consultants.

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