Philippe moved from auditing to project consulting at TriFinance

1 October 2022

Philippe left his ‘Big 4’ employer when he found that TriFinance’s corporate culture suited him better. It was also a move from traditional auditing to a broader perspective as a Project Consultant: ‘Putting its people’s needs first is ingrained in TriFinance’s corporate culture.’

After graduating in economics and management, Philippe started working for a major bank: ‘I had joint responsibility for lending, a job of which I quickly grew tired. After just six months, I moved to a ‘Big 4’ bookkeeping firm, which was the start of a very instructive period. Nevertheless, the work turned out to be very repetitive, and I started looking for projects where I could make my mark. Eighteen months later, I moved to TriFinance.’

“An Auditor will always remain an outsider; a Project Consultant is part of the company and initiates improvements”

Philippe Duponcheel

Choose your own path

Leaving a ‘Big 4’ firm is not something you do lightly. But TriFinance’s ‘Employees come first philosophy’ immediately appealed to Philippe. For example, my previous employer never asked me which projects I preferred; it was all about the client’s needs. TriFinance’s employees get the freedom to choose their career paths, and they always ask what type of assignments and sectors you prefer.’

The career culture is also very different from my previous company. They had three performance assessments per year, one of which determined whether you could be promoted. I have already had performance assessments at TriFinance, which work very differently. For example, they ask whether you feel good about your assignment and if you have any needs. That’s very refreshing and entirely in line with what the younger generations expect from their employer. 

Moreover, they have a much more horizontal structure: almost everyone is a Project Consultant, although obviously with varying degrees of experience. My previous employer was much more hierarchical with distinctions between junior and senior staff.’

From Auditor to Project Consultant

Although Philippe can fully use his auditing experience in his current assignments as a Project Consultant, he does notice many differences: ‘Auditors are always outsiders. Many people don’t like to see you come in because you are an outsider who checks the figures and takes up precious time. On the other hand, Project Consultants are really part of the company, and they become a team member, helping the client to initiate improvements.’

Philippe’s knowledge increases daily while working with clients and through training programs: ‘I am currently attending our Business Controlling Academy: extremely fascinating, and it immediately provides me with even broader expertise for my future projects. What’s more, I will be awarded a certificate at the end, which also adds value to my CV.’

Client appreciation also motivates Philippe: ‘My first TriFinance assignment was a controlling project for a major importer and exporter of cars. When that client recently sought to fill a Business Manager position, TriFinance put me forward. The client agreed immediately, even though I didn’t have as many years of experience as my predecessor. That trust – from both the client and TriFinance – is very gratifying and strengthens my motivation to give it my all.’

Consulting according to TriFinance

Philippe demonstrates a great deal of entrepreneurship in his projects: ‘I like to see where things can be improved at a client’s business and take on tasks if necessary. For example, my tasks evolved considerably when I worked on a project for a major player in international financial transactions. That evolution meant that the scope of my project had changed considerably by the time it ended. To be clear: I was the one who had chosen to take on extra tasks. A TriFinance employee decides for themselves how far they go.’

Consulting is sometimes a charged term. But TriFinance’s interpretation fits perfectly with Philippe’s expectations: ‘TriFinance’s culture suits me perfectly. I get plenty of opportunities to choose my own path, develop my expertise, and make a difference for the client. And all of it in a friendly atmosphere with a nice work-life balance. To put it more strongly: The day I leave TriFinance will be the day I leave the consulting business.’