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Thomas' growth spurt in the world of finance

16 May 2023
Joni Henrard Communication Manager Connect on Linkedin

Thomas came on board at TriFinance four years ago. After his first experience at a large bookkeeping firm, he decided to take the helm in his own hands and firmly chose a career as Project Consultant at TriFinance. Dive into Thomas’ story with us!

In a nutshell
  • Thomas’ growth as a Project Consultant
  • Achieving your ambition with the right support
  • Discovering the world of finance at your own pace

What has your career path looked like so far?

I started at a large bookkeeping firm in 2017 to gain the necessary experience. At the time, that seemed like a logical step after graduating from Accountancy-Tax. However, I soon noticed that I had the ambition to advance to Business Controller. And in order to fulfill that ambition, I consciously chose to switch to Project Consultant at TriFinance after two years. This way I could really focus on the business at different companies.

I quickly noticed that I had the ambition to grow and therefore consciously chose TriFinance.

Thomas Van Den Plas

Why did you choose consulting, and more specifically TriFinance?

The familiar and spontaneous atmosphere was one of the things that immediately struck me during my first interviews at TriFinance. I very quickly felt a connection with the culture of the company and noticed that there is no ‘corporate’ culture, compared to other consulting companies.

With what kind of expectations did you start at TriFinance?

At the very beginning of my career, I had absolutely no idea which direction in finance I wanted to go, let alone which sector I would work in. A career as a Project Consultant at TriFinance clarified all those uncertainties. I got the chance to explore the world of finance, a unique experience where I got to know different functions and sectors in a short period of time. Always at my own pace and in line with my ambitions.

What kind of projects have you done?

I started with AP/AR projects, which were soon followed by a GL project and I was able to get my first experience in controlling. I started to get the hang of it!

During my project as Treasury Project Consultant, I was also able to closely follow the implementation of SAP. This was followed by an experience I could only dream of before: a project abroad as Cost Controller.

I am currently working as a Business Controller for a coffee roasting company.

How were you able to develop yourself so quickly?

TriFinance offers the right support at every moment in your journey. On the one hand, your are assigned a personal career advisor, a person with whom you can build a relationship of trust and who reflects with you during projects. These conversations ensure that you actively think about the next steps in your career, this way you are always challenged in your next project.

Technical mentors challenge you to look at things in a different way, so you can make more efficient decisions.

Thomas Van Den Plas

Are there any achievements you are proud of?

I have grown to Business Controller in 4 years, an ambition that I was able to achieve in a short period of time by gaining experience in different sectors and function types.

I also had the opportunity to do a project abroad during my journey. Truly an enrichment!

If you could, in one sentence, convince someone to become your colleague at TriFinance, what would that sentence be?

If you are interested in broadening your knowledge about business and discovering the opportunities in finance (both in terms of function types and sectors) and you also want the right support to grow, then a job as a finance consultant at TriFinance is definitely the right choice!

The icing on the cake was a project abroad. Truly an enrichment!

Thomas Van Den Plas