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TriFinance uses RPA to search 'terrorism’ lists

Project Consultant Antonio Liviello helps building a robot
  • Growing and learning, even in between projects
  • Using RPA to serve our clients better
  • Delivering Economies of Motivation®

Are TriFinance Project Consultants listed as 'suspect' individuals? That’s what a client asked TriFinance to report on a weekly basis. Financial Institutions are indeed subject to strict constraints regarding the people they employ. This customer is required to pass this information on to authorities in Belgium and abroad. TriFinance thought it should be able to organise an automatic search of those lists and asked new employee Antonio Liviello to help build the robot. Antonio successfully joined the team, even though having zero experience with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Public authorities require some companies to provide information about their employees. Are they subject to sanctions or suspected of terrorism? One of our clients, an international bank, is also subject to this requirement. TriFinance saw the potential of the obligation to inform public authorities. What if several clients asked to do so? What if information about multiple Project Consultants had to be provided? Antonio, who was between two projects, took on the challenge and finalised the robot.

Managers at TriFinance are very approachable and the atmosphere among Project Consultants here is particularly good

Antonio Liviello

About Antonio

Antonio has been working for TriFinance’s Blue Chip Boutique ‘Financial Institutions’ since November last year. He has a master's degree in Applied Economics from the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) and is particularly interested in risk management. "It was immediately an interesting task I was given. I had no experience at all with RPA and I went into it," he says. "Roughly speaking, I studied for a week to master the basics. The following week I finalised the robot and in week three I tested it extensively. Testing is one of the key factors in building a successful robot. All possible scenarios have to be looked at thoroughly. In week four I presented my work to my Blue Chip Boutique.”

Pulling the robot out of the human

Doing so, Antonio has taken his first steps in RPA. Not coincidentally, because TriFinance has made RPA one of its focus points. RPA mimics human actions that are carried out within software applications. It is easy to program software and takes over repetitive tasks from people. This way, you take the robot out of the human, who now has more space for more complex tasks that generate more professional satisfaction and value.

The growth of its people is TriFinance’s raison d’être.

Economies of Motivation®

The fact that TriFinance focuses on this is not a coincidence either, as the growth of people with whom it works, Me inc.®'ers (me incorporated), is its raison d’être. Happy Project Consultants are better Project Consultants. Successfully linking a consultant’s wish with a customer’s challenge benefits both parties and the organisation. It is a way of working that delivers Economies of Motivation®. Being able to grow and realise one's ambitions gives the intrinsic motivation - the best engine for growth - a boost.

Antonio chose TriFinance because of this vision and way of working. He points out that his first experiences in our network organisation are positive. "At TriFinance you have managers who are very approachable and the atmosphere among Project Consultants here is particularly good," he stresses. In the future, Antonio is aiming at working on projects in Luxembourg. TriFinance has indeed been active there since the beginning of last year. After Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, the Grand Duchy is the fourth country where TriFinance has established itself.