TriFinance walk raises 5000 euros for Ukraine

7 April 2022
Boudewijn Vanpeteghem Editor Connect on Linkedin

Employees of TriFinance are increasingly donating their digital savings points, Fitcoins®, to charities. With their most recent action, TriWalks for Ukraine, they raised 2,500 euros for the war-ravaged country. Their employer doubled the amount, which goes to Unicef.

Employees donate Fitcoins® to Unicef

At TriFinance everything revolves around the people, the Me inc.®'ers, with whom the international network organization works. Their professional growth is paramount and presupposes a healthy mind in a healthy body. That's why TriFinance rewards employees when they take action that benefits their health.

They can earn Fitcoins® by walking, cycling, or participating in sporting, educational and social activities ( Over 40 percent of the eight hundred employees use the fitcoin app. With their saving points, they can buy products in the TriFinance marketplace that help improve their fitness, participate in specific workshops on health and fitness, or they can donate their saving points to charity.

The latter is increasingly the case. It characterizes the younger generations and is in keeping with the values they find important in the job market and in business. They have a high ethical and social consciousness, and these attitudes are partly decisive in their choice of employer.

TriFinance joined the fitcoins® family last October. The move followed the organization's initiatives to help guide Me inc.®ers through the covid pandemic. Such as the webinar on how to stay mentally healthy in coronation times (