Variety and reliability: how Emily leaves her mark

1 March 2022

Emily De Ryck graduated in public administration and public management more than 4 years ago. She immediately started working as a Project Consultant within the Public Sector department. At the moment she helps to steer the finances of 2 municipalities in the right direction. That gives a lot of satisfaction: "As a TriFinance consultant I contribute to a better functioning government."

Variety creates growth

As a consultant within Public Sector, Emily sees many different places, which makes it very varied. "Every local government is different, has its own way of working and faces specific challenges each time. My expertise grows with each new project. In the meantime, I have successfully completed a wide range of assignments, from closing a financial year to drawing up a multi-year plan. It's something different every time, and that variety is what makes it so much fun."

Atmosphere of trust and togetherness

Trust is what Emily finds crucial in her job. "I always do my best to add value and bring each project to a successful conclusion. In this way, I also try to make small changes each time that really benefit the client in the long term."

As a Project Consultant, you should also enjoy working in a team, Emily clarifies. "After all, you only get better if you are willing to learn from others and to help others move forward. That togetherness is also very important to me personally."

"I'm making a difference for the government, while growing in my expertise"

Emily, Project Consultant at TriFinance

Positive attitude and knowledge sharing

Like her colleagues, Emily emphasizes that TriFinance combines growth with a humane approach: "As colleagues, we treat each other with helpfulness. The employees here are generally young at heart and have a positive attitude. Moreover, they always look at how you feel about the progress of your career. Whenever I have questions, I can always turn to my mentor. He has extensive expertise in the area of public procurement. This sharing of knowledge is typical of TriFinance: there is always a colleague willing to help you."

"I also look back with pleasure on the Young Hub trajectory that I followed during my first 2 years. During that period I not only got to know my colleagues better, but also TriFinance itself - among other things through exciting assignments."

Healthy balance

Emily notices that TriFinance is strongly committed to a healthy work-life balance. "It's not just expected that you do overtime. And if it does happen, those hours are always compensated. Furthermore, sporting and social activities are also encouraged here. By practicing sports, for example, you can collect Fitcoins: you can exchange these for TriFinance sports equipment or donate them to a good cause."

Realizing your own evolution

In the meantime, Emily has stepped out of her comfort zone several times to master certain skills: "For example, I took a training course on presentation techniques because I knew I had to become better at that. That's what Me inc© is also about: actively thinking about where you want to go and then taking steps to make that evolution happen."

"In the future, I want to continue to build on my expertise in public procurement. In the long run, I also see myself sharing my knowledge as a mentor with younger colleagues. But everything step by step: at TriFinance you grow at your own pace, as long as you move forward."

It's time to leave your mark

At TriFinance you leave your mark on projects that truly fit your ambitions and interests. We help you build a career in the public sector.