Argenta: the need for an agile organization

4 October 2022
Dirk van Bastelaere Communication Manager CFO Services Connect on Linkedin

Banks are having a hard time with volatile interest rates, increasing regulations, digitization, and the war for talent. Talks with Argenta senior executives reveal that the changing market conditions are driving this Belgian player towards transformation. It has teamed up with TriFinance, among other parties, to help set that transformation in motion. The emphasis is on pragmatism.

TriFinance delivers a unique portfolio of services

In this age of turbulence and change, only one business paradigm remains: perpetual transformation. With a shrinking labor market, a war for talent and slowing productivity, companies must transform into ‘hybrid human-machine learning organizations’ (WEF) to be competitive. 

Not resources or scale, but finding the right people is and will be pivotal. With our human-centered organization, our focus on co-creation and intrinsic motivation, and our continuum of services, we can help you navigate the decade ahead.