"Being a consultant, I can gain a broad experience in bookkeeping and I get great satisfaction from my job"

16 March 2023

Laura Rogge has been with TriFinance for almost 3 years. She began her career in a bookkeeping firm and after a period in the internal bookkeeping department of a company, she joined TriFinance. "As Project Consultant at Transition & Support Roeselare, I found the ideal balance between project variety and the stability of a permanent employer."

What Laura found at TriFinance
  • Variety and personal growth
  • The feeling of really adding value for the client
  • Challenging projects close to her new home in Beveren-Leie

What does your career path look like?

I began my career in a bookkeeping firm after earning a Master's degree in Commercial Sciences with a major in Accountancy. At the time, a job in a bookkeeping firm seemed like the best way to gain broad bookkeeping experience as a beginner. However, this soon turned out to be a mismatch: I felt completely disconnected from the corporate culture.

After 8 months, I transferred to another bookkeeping firm, but I still felt the same way. I missed the feeling of really adding value for the client, tackling the cases more thoroughly.

This ambition led me to work in a chemical company's internal bookkeeping department. But there was a lack of variety and challenge for me. I eventually took the step to apply for a position as a finance consultant at TriFinance.

As a starter, a job in a bookkeeping firm seemed like the best way to gain broad bookkeeping experience. Soon, however, this turned out to be the wrong choice for me.

What first stopped you from choosing a job as a consultant?

I was concerned that as a consultant, I would miss the team atmosphere and contact with colleagues. In retrospect, this fear turns out to be unfounded: there are numerous opportunities to meet fellow consultants at TriFinance, and you also have frequent contact with colleagues from the internal BaseCamp Team. You also collaborate closely with the client’s team and establish contacts quickly.

What were your expectations when you came to TriFinance?

I was primarily looking for variety and job satisfaction. What is most important to me is the feeling that I can truly assist a company or colleagues in moving forward.

For the first time since the beginning of my career, I truly found that at TriFinance.

Throughout my projects, I strive to help the client in the best possible way. On the one hand, by quickly and proactively familiarizing myself with the range of tasks, but also by constantly scrutinizing the processes and suggesting improvements. This allows me to apply my knowledge and expertise and refine it each time.

At TriFinance, for the first time, I feel like I'm really in my place.

What types of projects have you worked on while at TriFinance?

Bookkeeping is my specialty. My first assignments were mostly Accounts Payable, but this gradually shifted to General Ledger.

On one project, I also did some process optimization following the implementation of a new ERP system, and on another, I filed tax returns for several European countries. It is precisely this variety that interests me. Every project teaches you something new.

Does that mean you'll be traveling all over the country as a project consultant?

TriFinance's Transition & Support units are organized regionally. I work for T&S Roeselare. I recently relocated from Harelbeke to Beveren-Leie. I know that at TriFinance, I will be able to work on interesting projects in my own region. That feasible commuting distance is very important to me.

I know that at TriFinance, I'll always be able to work on exciting projects in my own region.

When choosing a job, work-life balance also plays a role. How do you feel about it at TriFinance?

It's definitely good! Consultancy obviously requires a certain degree of flexibility, but as a consultant at TriFinance, you are completely in charge of your own career. This also helps me maintain a healthy work-life balance. What kind of project do you want to work on? How big a leap do you want to make in your next project?

How do you get support in this?

TriFinance helps you grow by offering a variety of training courses. But it goes even further. You learn the most by putting things into practice. You decide how big a leap you want to take in your next project, in consultation with your mentor and the BaseCamp team, and what support you need to make it happen.

In terms of personal development, I consider the BaseCamp Team's assistance in monitoring project content to be a significant benefit. Is the client's project description consistent with the actual project content? If not, how can you take on more responsibility so that the project provides you with enough opportunities for growth, or how can TriFinance assist you when the stretch proves to be too big in practice?

In previous jobs, I felt much less empowered to shape my own job content.

TriFinance helps you grow by offering a variety of training courses. But it goes further than that.

Why would you recommend a fellow bookkeeper to work at TriFinance?

If you want a lot of variety, want to grow a lot, and figure out where your true strengths are and which path you want to take without constantly changing jobs, a job as a finance consultant at TriFinance is the way to go!