Dedication and positivity: how Bamidele leaves his mark

15 March 2022

Bamidele Yussuff already had several years of experience in bookkeeping before making the transition to TriFinance last year. As a Project Consultant in Transition & Support he is currently working on financial processes at an insurance company.

Off to a flying start

Things went fast for Bamidele. “I had only just applied and already received an answer the next morning. Within a week I signed my contract with TriFinance. From day one I received a warm welcome: for example, I immediately learned everything about TriFinance’s company culture. But in line with the Me inc® entrepreneurial mentality, I had to dive in right away: there already was a project waiting for me.”

“As a project consultant I can leave my mark with innovative ideas”

Bamidele, Project Consultant at TriFinance

Varying projects

As a TriFinance project consultant you have to deal with varying projects and environments, which is fine for Bamidele. “Each project is different. It’s not always clear from the beginning where things are going, but that’s what makes it interesting. Obstacles help you to grow and get better. I love learning something new each time. You need to have that attitude at TriFinance. A flexible, positive personality is at least as important here as the knowledge you already have beforehand.”

Dedication and positive drive

Bamidele combines his drive with passion and positivity. “I don’t like to cut corners or find excuses. To me, dedication is essential: I want to leave my mark ánd make a difference at the client. I’m also a positive person: I always see things on the bright side. That attitude is a great match with the company culture at TriFinance: we are problemsolvers and communicate in all transparency, to better support each other and the client.”

Developing skills

Bamidele noticed early on that personal growth is key at TriFinance. “They closely monitor your evolution here. You get the opportunity to take at least 4 training courses a year and there is a thorough annual evaluation. During that evaluation, they also focus on the skills you want to develop further. I already had the chance to follow an SAP training, my next step is sharpening my commercial skills.”

“If you have the drive to grow and choose your own career path, TriFinance supports you to move forward”, Bamidele says. “I would like to improve my Dutch knowledge, that language course is next on the agenda.”

Finding new angles

Bamidele wants to make a difference in a number of ways. Sometimes it’s in the little things. “When I started at a client, I noticed that colleagues were all having lunch separately. I suggested we start having lunch together, so we could use that hour for knowledge sharing. It made everything a lot more pleasant and efficient, while also saving a lot of unnecessary email traffic.”

“As a consultant you are someone with a fresh perspective, so the client welcomes you with open arms. You can make small or bigger changes by sharing your knowledge and shedding a new light on sometimes fixed patterns.”

"If you have the drive to grow, TriFinance supports you to move forward"

Bamidele, Project Consultant at TriFinance

Growing expertise and network

From the start, Bamidele could count on his TriFinance colleagues, who are happy to share their experience with him. “Within TriFinance there’s so much knowledge present, it’s almost like a kind of Google. If you need certain information for your project, it’s at your disposal. But it’s up to you to look for it. Combine that with the experience you gained during various projects and the result is a wealth of knowledge.”

“As a social person, I always regret having to say goodbye to colleagues at a customer”, says Bamidele. “But at the same time this is also an advantage: the more I change my environment, the larger my network becomes.”

It's time to leave your mark

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