Grow at your own pace: how Fraa leaves her mark

8 March 2022

After getting her master’s degree in Economics, Law and Business, Fraa Jacobs immediately started working at TriFinance. One year later, she has already wrapped up a number of interesting projects in bookkeeping and controlling. In the meantime, she is fully reaping the benefits of the Young Hub training program that all young graduates at TriFinance participate in.

Discovering your own interests as a consultant

Fraa first learned about TriFinance at a job fair. “My interest was sparked even more when I spoke to a friend who already worked at TriFinance. Right after graduation, my first job was at a large chain of hardware stores. My first project as a TriFinance consultant was at that same company.”

“As a consultant, I learn a lot about how things work in different companies. During each project, I discover different aspects of finance: reporting, controlling,etc. This helps me to discover my next steps. Take the optimization of Accounts Payable, for example: I first thought that this wasn’t my cup of tea, but it turns out to be much more fascinating than I imagined.”

“Thanks to the Young Hub Program, I can grow quickly from starter to expert.”

Fraa, Project Consultant at TriFinance

Learning and building a network through Young Hub

Although she only recently joined TriFinance, the Young Hub Program has allowed Fraa to create added value from day one: “The training offer within the Young Hub Program is very strong. You get to sharpen your technical skills, but there’s also enough room for the development of soft skills, like working on your personal branding.”

“Being a Young Hub also allows me to build an internal network. Events are organized on a regular basis for everyone who ever started as a Young Hub, from a quiz to a fun afterwork drink. The perfect way to get to know each other better. After two years, the Young Hub program comes to an end with a festive graduation ceremony. Maybe I should suggest that we all throw graduation caps in the air (laughs).”

Sharing knowledge with an open mind

No matter what challenge she faces, Fraa always remains positive. “I always assume that there’s room for improvement. Good communication is the key to finding solutions together. And I can always count on my TriFinance colleagues, who gladly share their knowledge with me.”

“I approach each project with an open mind. With a backpack full of knowledge from TriFinance I arrive at the customer and try to come up with innovative solutions.”

Grow at your own pace

As a TriFinance consultant you get all the support you need, emphasizes Fraa. “You can always count on your Care Manager: he or she is your go-to person for every question you may have. This can be about personal matters as well, like how you are doing. For TriFinance, it’s important that you feel comfortable at work. You can decide for yourself at which pace you want to grow. As long as you take your career into your own hands.”

“If there’s one thing I would like to share with future colleagues, it’s that employees always come first here. Many companies say this, but TriFinance really puts their money where their mouth is. They really listen to your plans. Being a Me inc.®’er means investing in yourself, in an environment that truly supports your growth.”

It's time to leave your mark

Fresh out of school and ready to start your career in an environment that gives you all the tools you need to grow? Take your future into your own hands and join our Young Hub Program