Grow your ambition - Growth story Andrew Watticant

30 May 2023
In a nutshell:
  • From helping at the family business to becoming a Project Consultant and mentor
  • Financial Process Optimization Project
  • Andrews advice for a (new) colleague

Andrew is a motivated project consultant who started his TriFinance journey 6 years ago. After several projects as a T&S Brussels consultant, he applied for an internal transfer to CFO Services in 2021. He has mainly conducted project- and portfolio management projects in line with process improvement.

In the near future, Andrew longs for a project management position where he can manage an end-to-end project. The international and cultural diversity is driving his motivation very strongly as he likes to work with people with different backgrounds in a sector he does not know yet. The more to discover, the better.

I am a father of 2 children. Thanks to TriFinance I have a pleasant work-life balance and get to work ⅘.

Andrew Watticant - Project Consultant

About Andrew

Andrew is a true TriFinance ambassador and a proud father of two children. He currently works part-time as work-life balance is very important to him. Nevertheless, this does not stop him from working on multiple projects at the same time. He is a great example of how to take your career into your own hands. He takes time to reflect on what he has accomplished and how he wants to further himself.

What is your background?

When I graduated in Finance at the Louvain School of management, I was not keen in pursuing a career in wealth management as I initially thought at the start of my studies. Therefore, I first took some time reflecting on which professional direction to take while helping at the family business as a business analyst, before signing at TriFinance Belgium.

My TriFinance journey started 6 years ago. Back at the time, two different jobs were simultaneously offered to me: one as an internal auditor at a pharma company, and one as a project consultant within the Transition and Support Unit (T&S) in Brussels. The main reasons why I decided to sign at TriFinance, was because of the philosophy and the ability to discover many different work environments in a short term. 

During my period at T&S Brussels, I took up different corporate finance roles. From working in the treasury department of a multinational car manufacturer, doing AR and AP at a pharmaceutical giant to being responsible for the bookkeeping at semi-public entities in the Brussels region. Afterwards I made the switch to advisory (CFO) where I lead projects in process optimization in both finance and business departments in various industrial sectors, before conducting a portfolio management project.

TriFinance cares about providing the right work environment so the employee can achieve its goals.

Andrew Watticant - Project Consultant

What was your ambition before you started at TriFinance?

Before I started at TriFinance I was still looking for my professional drive. Which is why becoming a Project Consultant at TriFinance was the perfect decision for me to be in touch with many different companies, corporate cultures and different roles.

My ambition when I started at TriFinance was to find my professional drive. Now I know that my ambition lies in project management.

Andrew Watticant - Project Consultant

What is your current ambition?

My current short-term ambition would be to further develop my expertise in project management to be able to take up a role as a project manager.

How do you grow your ambition?

I currently combine my practical growing path (projects) with more theoretical seminars and courses. I am also proactively reaching out to senior project managers at TriFinance to assist them on their current projects. This, along with my mentor role, helps me in sharing and acquiring experience in my preferred field of activity at a quick pace.

What does "Grow your Ambition" mean to you?

Grow your Ambition, to me, evokes the project consultant's awareness of its professional drive. TriFinance supports us in growing our ambition by designing an appropriate course in order to fulfill our professional ambitions.

What does your growth path look like?

Like a good old fashioned goose board game, with a lot of zigs and many zags.

If you could, in one sentence, give your younger self some advice about ambition. What would that sentence be?

Be more patient and agile about your ambitions: continuous change makes details usually appear later on.

What is your advice to new or existing colleagues who want to grow their ambition?

  1. Get to know yourself
  2. Be yourself - Don’t try to live others lives
  3. Communicate your ambitions to your surroundings