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Growth Story: Arne Tofec

15 May 2023
Joni Henrard Communication Manager Connect on Linkedin
In a nutshell
  • Arne describes his start at TriFinance as a Young Graduate
  • Lifelong learning as the ultimate goal
  • Arne’s advice for letting your ambition grow and flourish

Arne has been growing his ambition at TriFinance as a Project Consultant since February 2023. He started his adventure at TriFinance as part of our Young Hub Program. Here he mastered the necessary soft and hard skills before embarking on his first challenge as an AP Accountant.

Building knowledge and constantly seeking new challenges: that’s what Arne considers most important. Discover his story below!

Who is Arne?

Arne is an enthusiastic and communicative dynamo who views the world with a creative and critical eye. He enjoys meeting new people and is a real team player.

What is your background?

My background is rather atypical. After completing my studies in Applied Economics at Hasselt University and KU Leuven during the pandemic, I became interested in the world of healthcare. So, I decided to follow an additional year of Management and Policy in Healthcare.

I then found myself faced with a critical choice: to start off my career in healthcare or enter the corporate world? I opted for the corporate world. I knew immediately that I wanted to start working in consulting because of my need for variety, diverse projects, challenges, business environments and fun colleagues. That’s what I found at TriFinance.

Why did TriFinance appeal to you over another consulting firm?

The horizontal structure and the way TriFinance deals with consultants by really trying to find the perfect fit between the consultant and the project.

In the meantime, I’ve started my first project as AP Accountant for an international player in the metal sector. Here I’m learning a lot from other experienced colleagues and I’m already noticing improvements in terms of working with SAP and the ERP system. Moreover, I’m working in a department that operates as a shared services center, which means that I’m assigned entities from all around the world. It’s a real challenge!

I’ve chosen TriFinance because the company vision fits my personality really well.

Arne Tofec

What was your ambition before you started at TriFinance?

My ambition was somewhat vague but directed towards a particular goal: to discover my career path by gaining more experience. This also fits within my current ambition of lifelong learning. For each project, I want a challenging set of tasks so that I can grow within the area of finance.

How do you grow your ambition?

In addition to expanding my knowledge, I like to explore new horizons so as to learn from the experience and knowledge of others. I also set myself certain professional and personal goals that I want to achieve. TriFinance is happy to help plant those seeds (goals). After each project, the internal team (BaseCamp) helps me review my new skills and together we adjust my growth path in line with my ambitions.

After my first project, the direction I want to take with my career has become clearer to me.

Arne Tofec

What is your ultimate ambition?

Thanks to some interesting discussions with colleagues working in Controlling, I’ve come to learn more about the day-to-day activities and responsibilities of a Controller. Who knows, perhaps a position as Controller will be my next step.

What does your growth path look like?

My growth path is mostly non-linear. I like variety, and that also applies to my future perspective. While this makes it possible to easily adjust my path, it also means that it takes a little more time to get to my final destination.

In the beginning, I didn’t know what my career path looked like but, thanks to my mentor, this is gradually becoming clearer.

Arne Tofec

If you could give your younger self some advice in one sentence, what would it be?

Never get distracted by others’ choices and focus on your own path.

What is your advice to new or existing colleagues who want to grow their ambition?

  1. Be motivated
  2. Set clear and realistic short and long-term goals for yourself
  3. Commit to self-education
  4. Be persistent and consistent

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