Sharing knowledge and experience: how Siemen leaves his mark

22 March 2022

Siemen Dekiere is Project Consultant at TriFinance in Transition & Support. With Ghent as his home base, he mainly focuses on projects in finance and administration. In the meantime, he has been working for TriFinance for almost 8 years and can already look back on a versatile and unique career path.

New possibilities all the time

When Siemen just started, he never would have imagined that he would be a consultant for so long: “flash forward a couple of years and I still enjoy it as much as ever. I still see huge growth opportunities and am eager to seize them. Even after all these years, I still encounter new possibilities, in ever-changing environments. I am already looking forward to the opportunities that will present themselves in the future.”

From the start, the Me inc® philosophy of TriFinance spoke to Siemen: “Here, you take your career into your own hands and you carve out a unique path. My own trajectory is a great testament to that: since 2014, I’ve gained so much experience. I once started as a junior consultant, today I’m a financial controller.”

Challenged to take the next step

Siemen feels good about taking his fate into his own hands. “Together with the colleagues of the internal HomeBase team and your business leader, you outline your career plan. Sometimes when you feel you’re not ready for the next step, they challenge you to go for it anyway. For example, I am often rather modest: then it helps when you get that positive push.”

“You also determine together which training courses fit into your personal Me inc® plan. That's how I went for the controlling track: I discovered this is the direction I want to take. TriFinance offers you the tools to grow, but it’s up to you to make it work. In the end, your drive determines what your career path will look like. Your enthusiasm determines what you can and will achieve.”

"Throughout the years I carved out my own career path"

Siemen, Project Consultant at TriFinance

Added value for the consultant

Siemen points out that you’re not pushed to take on just any project that comes your way: “At TriFinance, it’s crucial that a project also creates added value for the consultant. The client needs support, but the needs of the consultants are at least as important.”

Siemen’s approach to every project is being goal-oriented and having a positive attitude: “You get results by making clear agreements and being very transparent - both towards the client and TriFinance. Open communication and interaction help you move forward.”

Growth outside office hours

In your Me inc® plan, they also take into account your personal growth outside office hours. Siemen: “Suppose you need some time off to train for a marathon, then that is certainly negotiable. In any case, there is a strong focus on a healthy work-life balance.”

“TriFinance organizes events for its employees regularly, although that has been more challenging for the past two years. For example, I remember a celebratory meeting in the VIP area of Tomorrowland. I'm sure there will be many opportunities in the future to get to know each other better.”

A mentor for young colleagues

As a project consultant at TriFinance, you get a taste of different company cultures and the processes and habits that come with it. “Some you like, some less - but you learn something new from them every time, which helps you gain new experiences.”

Thanks to the many training courses and the culture of knowledge sharing, Siemen has built up a broad knowledge base in finance. “This helps me see problems more clearly and come up with solutions for the client. And I like sharing that experience. I have always been someone who found joy in coaching my colleagues, so it’s safe to say that the role of mentor fits me like a glove. I have already coached several younger employees: it gave me great satisfaction to see them grow in their job.”

It's time to leave your mark

Ready to take your career into your own hands? As a Finance Consultant, you boost your career and open the door to countless possibilities. We’ll support you every step of the way.