Talent Perspectives 2024

24 April 2024

Sustainable careers lead to sustainable growth for both employees and businesses

We live in a volatile, complex, ambiguous, and uncertain world. In 5 years’ time, finance jobs will be very different from today. However, no one can estimate precisely how they will change, which new roles will be added, and which will disappear.

Finance professionals who have the skills to deal with change, the desire to learn, and the ability to reinvent themselves will be the leaders of the future. The same applies to businesses with a sustainable talent approach to guide their employees in this and continuously work to match the needs of the business with those of individual employees.

This magazine features experts and some real-life examples of sustainable talent management:

  • Researcher Jan Laurijssen (University of Antwerp) explains that a job for life has made way for a career perspective. Talent building, internal mobility, and a healthy work-life balance are crucial success factors. Read the article

  • Elke Toye, CFO of biomass specialist VYNCKE, understands better than anyone that you can and should bridge the gap between automation and sustainable careers in finance. An inspiring case study of the symbiosis between technological advances and employee development opportunities. Read the article

  • What is finance’s role in a growth company, and how does this translate into its employees’ career paths? We discuss this with experienced experts Tom Libbrecht (VP Finance at Silverfin) and Jacob Quartier (CFO at Smappee). Read the article

  • We finish with a fascinating story about Duomed, a company specializing in medical technology that is preparing its roadmap towards sustainability reporting. This is not just from a compliance perspective but also from a strategic point of view. Jan Van de Meersch (Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer at Duomed), Jean-Paul Corin (HR Director at Duomed), Mario Matthys (Expert Practice Leader Corporate Reporting at TriFinance CFO Services), and Gaëlle De Baeck (Sustainability Lead at TriFinance) explain why a career in ESG is sustainable in more ways than one. Read the article about Duomed and ESG skills

Enjoy reading!