The ten most-read articles of 2021

1 January 2022

Reading the TriFinance 2021 Top-10 of Insight articles, you will notice how diverse the knowledge is our experts tend to share with their network.  From HR- and workforce-related topics to business trends, business models, competencies, and career models. Genre-wise, we can offer you event takeaways, interviews, blog posts, in-depth articles, reference cases, and a growth story. We can assure you that the list makes for some great end-of-year reading.

1. The future of Banking

[Panel Discussion] During a knowledge exchange in September, Aion Bank and TriFinance discussed the future of Banking. The panel discussed topics such as launching a new bank during a global pandemic, adapting business models, new ecosystem building, hybrid models, and rules and regulations.

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2. Seven Business Trends for 2021 by TriFinance BCB Leaders

[Ensemble piece] Seven TriFinance leaders flagged their business trend for 2021. From proactive career coaching to data velocity; thin clients; transformation of client experience; new business models for financials; sustainable employability; and the pivotal role of processes in automation projects: it is all there, and it’s still trending!

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3. Why we face a shortage of good controllers

[Blog post] Belgian organizations urgently need controllers, and it is their added value will increase enormously. As a business economics researcher, the controller monitors the efficiency and effectiveness of the activities undertaken and advises the (financial) management of the company. Serge Vigoureux explains what needs to be done to make the position more attractive.

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4. The importance of strong foundations when working in the financial services industry

[Interview] Just as a house needs strong foundations, a career in the financial services industry benefits from knowing the basics. Olivier Heindryckx, Head of the Transition and Support Service Line at TriFinance's Financial Institutions insists on the importance of strong sector expertise.

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5. Successfully supporting a fraud unit’s transition

[Reference case] The Fraud Investigations and Operations department of one of the largest European banking & insurance groups was facing challenges as fraud techniques had become increasingly complex and the number of fraud cases has risen in recent years. TriFinance supported the client in its day-to-day operations while scaling up its fraud team in order to kill the backlog and future-proof the department.

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6. Flexibilization of labor high on the agenda

[Panel Discussion] May 6th, 2021, TriFinance organized a C-level talk with HR professionals. Martine Vandezande (Mediahuis), Jan Van Acoleyen (Proximus), Peter Geiregat (Showpad) and Sofie Jacobs (AMS) discussed career trends. 'Authenticity is vital because employers are increasingly dealing with "career nomads", who take their careers into their own hands,' Martine Vandezande says.

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7. Sea-invest: how to transform financial data into valuable information for the business?

[Reference case] At SEA-Invest, one of the world’s largest terminal operators for fruit, dry and liquid bulk, MI&S project consultant Steven Verniers helped to transform the financial data into valuable information for operations.

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8. TriFinance at Van Lanschot Bankiers

[Reference case] Van Lanschot Bankiers had started a major project to replace the standalone IT infrastructure and fully integrate the Belgian subsidiary bank within the Dutch parent bank. Switching to completely different systems whilst keeping a bank running smoothly is not an obvious matter. As Business integrators, TriFinance supported the project team and the bank.

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9. Kristoff Temmerman: 'Now baby-boomers are leaving the labor market, real shortage is coming'

[Interview] Kristoff Temmerman has a keen interest in people and their employability. With TriFinance Ghent, he supports organizations in building the perfect Finance Team. 'As a CFO, you should make sure your team is agile and mentally flexible,' Kristoff says. 'Not only to face today’s crisis but also for future developments.' As president of the Federgon Commission on Project Sourcing, he emphasizes that the sector of private labor market mediators creates real added value.

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10. Why I decided to rejoin TriFinance.

[Growth story] Choosing an employer - especially a first employer - is quite a challenge. Jonas Willems, project consultant at TriFinance Financial Institutions started at the company’s Transition & Support unit in Brussels after graduating. He decided to leave the company only to come back a few years later. Knowledge sharing, mentoring and coaching were some but not the only elements that influenced his decision.

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