ERP and Digitalization

  • Implementing ERP and digital tools is a challenging, complex task
  • ERP projects add significant workload to daily operations
  • ERP means massive change

We support your ERP journey by selecting the appropriate software and partners. We manage change, offer expertise in finance and data migration, provide training for your team and conduct testing.

Challenges of an ERP implementation

Implementing an ERP and digital tools on core systems is a complex endeavour that often adds a significant workload to daily operations. Many organisations lack the necessary expertise and capacity to navigate these changes effectively. When designing a solution, it is important to always keep the desired end result in mind.

To avoid inefficiencies, it is essential to consider best practices during the implementation process, as ERP projects introduce massive change that requires careful management. The success of the solution lies in your hands. It relies on factors like designing and documenting processes, comprehensive end-user training and acceptance testing .

In addition to these functional challenges, there's a technical aspect to address: extracting data from your current system, converting it into the appropriate format for the new system and testing the data migration. This process can be quite a challenge, but ensuring the accurate migration of data is crucial for a smooth transition and optimal performance once the new system is in place.

Toward a Successful ERP Implementation

TriFinance provides comprehensive support for organizations embarking on an ERP journey.

We assist in selecting the right software and implementation partner, ensuring that your project stays on track. Whether it's an initial setup, upgrades, support or the need to bring a troubled implementation project back on track, we've got you covered. Our experienced ERP project managers ensure a smooth journey, bringing functional expertise to the table. We work closely with system integrators in a win-win partnership.

We understand the importance of change management and work to prepare your organization to embrace the solution fully. Our approach includes documenting and training your teams from a functional perspective, a key element for success.

Our ERP business analysts are skilled in thinking through end-to-end business processes, breaking departmental silos. They will challenge your current way of working, translate business needs into ERP requirements, assist to uncover problems and search for improvements. They focus on solutions that truly work for your organization.

Our finance functional analysts focus on designing your new financial processes. They understand software capabilities and configuration settings.They gather and interpret user needs, question practices, identify problems and opportunities, propose alternatives and build consensus on solutions. Our subject matter experts are specialized in budgeting, forecasting, costing setup, P&L reporting, variance analysis, profitability analysis, and cash flow statements, adhering to GAAP and IFRS.

We evaluate your documentation requirements, including as-built records, data setup documentation, processes, user manuals and work procedures to establish a robust foundation.

Training, recognized as a continuous learning process crucial for solution adoption, is overseen by our project managers who ensure effective change management. Testing, guided by best practices and real-life scenarios, is supported by our project managers who assist in test strategy development and execution monitoring.

We're equipped to address both functional and migration challenges, aiding in strategy development and data cleansing, extraction, transformation and load as needed.

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Our specific subject-matter expertise, industry knowledge and pragmatic advisory methodologies are delivered by Management Information & Systems (MI&S).

We go beyond advisory to generate value for our clients in a pragmatic way, from insights to implementation.

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