A new service model for public and non-profit organizations

Your challenges

  • Tackle talent shortage and peaks in workload
  • Deal with a rapidly changing digital environment
  • Develop more client-oriented services

Public sector and non-profit organizations face multiple challenges. They must embrace digital transformation & process optimization, attract talented people and develop more client-oriented services.

Public Sector Today

Public sector and non-profit organizations face key socioeconomic changes, such as demographics, a tight labor market, and high public debt. Technology impacts both public sector employees and service delivery to citizens and internal clients. Public services should be tailored to the needs of these clients.

It’s imperative for the sector to adjust its service model and internal organization to this constantly changing reality and the increase of rules, controls, and regulations.

New legislation confronts public sector enterprises with mergers, transformations, change, and process optimization. To flexibly address these challenges, they often call for expert support.

As the sector primarily strives for a correct public service, rather than making a profit, advisory partners need specific contextual knowledge and an accurate understanding of the organizations’ goals.

Sector-specific knowledge is exactly what TriFinance has to offer. Through extensive practical experience, our highly motivated consultants possess in-depth knowledge of the internal organization of various public institutions.
They know from experience that the decision path in public sector projects tends to follow sector-specific patterns, as public sector transformation and change projects need broad support in politics society and public administration.

By mentoring our consultants, we ensure they always take your project one step further, achieving ‘above and beyond expectation’ results. The combination of expertise, skills, guidance, and practical experience ensures that our consultants provide you with hands-on solutions.

TriFinance offers a unique approach of pragmatic advisory and expert operational support for organizations in the public and non-profit sectors.

Operational Support

Belgium’s labor market is tight and very competitive. That’s also true for the country’s public sector. If your organization faces expertise challenges, we can help you out. We embed one or more of our expert consultants in any department or function, ranging from (Public) procurement, Facility, Policy preparation and Environmental Planning to Finance.

Because we have a large network of consultants, we can ensure high availability. Our expert support is tailored to the needs of your organization. We can deploy people in full-time or part-time occupation, as we can connect you with seasoned interim managers. 

Pragmatic Advisory

Decisions, transformations, new rules and regulations can have a serious impact on people. They can also affect processes or systems in your organization.

We have a proven track record in assisting public sector organizations to assess the impact of new regulations. Our assessment will enable you to anticipate possible changes and act accordingly.

To generate value for our public sector clients, we go beyond advisory. In a co-creation mode, we develop business cases that include the financial and operational detail that policymakers need to make informed decisions. We also work on:

  • Financial and operational analysis or risk audit
  • General advisory and/or analysis assignments
  • Building and evaluating public budgets (BBC) and their architecture
  • Management reporting

Process & project management

Just like many other organizations, public sector companies often lack critical insight into their operations. Comprehension of their end-to-end processes is generally limited and fragmented.

We believe that a clear understanding of the organizational structure, processes, systems, and controls is the key to operational excellence and the first stage towards transformation readiness.

Specifically, we support local authorities by auditing their processes. We do this in a pragmatic way, and for instance in alignment with subject domains issued by Audit Vlaanderen. In general, our experts map, optimize and implement core processes at any organizational level.

We bring a unique combination of seasoned professionals and sound methodologies to manage and execute projects by outlining, initiating and implementing various (change) projects.


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