Talent Perspectives 2023

23 May 2023

Companies and organizations who immerse their employees in a sea of digital skills are taking a significant step towards sustainable, future-proof growth. At TriFinance, TriHD and TriTechnology, we invest heavily in digital learning pathways for our employees. Beyond that, we also give companies all the tips and tools they need to build a solid digital strategy.

In the previous edition of Talent Perspectives, we learned about human skills as important building blocks for a successful finance department.

In this edition, we focus on the importance of digital skills for finance professionals and finance teams. From online communication to the use of specific software packages, from data science to RPA, from cyber security to data management: the need for specific skills is particularly high. With this magazine, we aim to inspire you and provide some practical tips.

Let's talk digital skills!

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  • Maarten Werckx, Vincent Mullers and Wim Theuwissen of Bose.

  • Achieving 'data democratization' will give every Bose employee easy access to company data.

  • Erwin Muyshondt and Jop Van Son explain how they use digital skills in their projects.

  • RPA plays a crucial role in Renewi's Shared Service Center.

TriFinance delivers a unique portfolio of services

Our regional Blue Chip Boutiques 'Transition & Support' (T&S) have over 20 years of experience in deploying the right Me inc.®'ers to all of our clients' fi nance and HR related challenges. We do this thanks to our expertise in recruitment, in guiding the growth of our consultants and in understanding the client's challenges, corporate culture and context.

For each project, we go for the best match between the consultant and the client's needs. By starting from the ambitions of our consultants, each of them has a strong intrinsic motivation.

This way, as a client, you can be sure that the consultant on your project has the drive to exceed expectations and deliver 'the one thing more'.

We off er flexible and pragmatic operational solutions tailored to finance and HR departments. We deploy both individual project consultants and teams to deal with a temporary shortage of employees or competences, connect companies with interim managers in our network and help our clients find permanent staff through our Recruitment & Selection service.