Top 5 Most-read articles 2022 - Corporate

21 December 2022

Our 2022 content Top 5 for the corporate world is all about trends, risks, and (digital) transformation.  This year, you were especially interested in the business trends flagged by TriFinance business leaders. You also wanted to know what keeps CFOs awake at night. You were curious about Alltrad's ambitious integration plan, which contained the digitalization of the entire organization including the implementation of a new ERP system. But most of all, you loved to read about a theme that will top the corporate agenda for the years to come: how sustainability performance can be a value driver, and how reporting developments share one common goal: bring quality, efficiency, and consistency to integrated reporting.

#1 Sustainability performance as a value driver

There’s no way around sustainability reporting anymore. Investors urgently demand transparent and consistent reporting on sustainability matters. 

Companies that want to stay attractive and competitive will need to report how their business affects the environment and society. Integrated reporting (financial and non-financial reporting combined) will give a more accurate picture of company performance and value.

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#2 Business Trends 2022 by TriFinance Business Leaders

In their business outlook for 2022, TriFinance business leaders discussed trends and developments. Most trends pointed toward change and transformation. While the War for Talent came back in full force, organizations were struggling to retain employees. The corona crisis also pushed many organizations into a governance crisis, making transformation a necessity in moving toward continuous improvement.  In Financial Institutions that means moving toward Finance Ecosystems 2.0. Upscaling in public organizations will make change management a necessity.

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#3 What is keeping Belgian CFOs awake at night?

Belgian CFOs worry a lot about talent shortage. For 7 out of 10 CFOs, it is a top priority for the years to come, only to be preceded by the pandemic and rising inflation, a concern shared by 8 out of 10 of their peers. Data security issues and economic crises complete the top 5.

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#4 Altrad Services Benelux: how two competitors became an innovative market leader supported by one ERP

Halfway through the pandemic, Altrad Services Benelux executed an ambitious digitalization plan by enrolling Business Central in six of its companies. On top of that, they managed to merge two of their biggest companies in Belgium. Alltrad's ambitious integration plan included the implementation of a new ERP system: Microsoft Navision.

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#5 The four functions of Integrated Credit Management

Credit Management is too often regarded as a purely financial and administrative process. The fact that Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Accounting have their own, sometimes conflicting, responsibilities and objectives can slow down the optimization of Credit management, working capital and profit margin. These divergent interests within one and the same company can undermine the efficiency of the whole.

Integrated Credit Management can provide an answer/solution to this problem and may even prove to be a strategic advantage for a company.

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