Top 5 Most-read articles 2022 - Careers

20 December 2022

In 2022,  readers showed a keen interest in the growth stories of TriFinance people.

#1 Sharing knowledge and experience: how Siemen leaves his mark

This is the growth story of Siemen Dekiere, Project Consultant Transition & Support at TriFinance Ghent. Focusing mainly on projects in finance and administration, Siemen has been working for TriFinance for almost eight years. He can already look back on a versatile and unique career path.

Read Siemen's Growth story

#2 "TriFinance, that's just finance, right? No!? Great!"

This is the story of Public sector Project consultant Emily De Ryck who studied Public Administration & Management at Ghent University. Initially, Emily was unsure if there would be a fit with TriFinance, but once she learned she could learn by experience, she was convinced.  'Learning by experience is the best way to acquire knowledge and skills,' she says. Meanwhile, Emily has completed about fifteen projects (mainly for local authorities) in the four years that she has been a happy member of the TriFinance 'Public Sector' BCB.

Read all about Emily's experience

#3 Young Innovation Board : Leave your mark. Show initiative!

People leave their mark on a business by showing initiative. That works best when the business is open to intrapreneurship. The Young Innovation Board (YIB), a TriFinance creation with a hotline to the company's Leadership Team, proves that our organization practices what it preaches: helping the people they work with to develop their careers.

Discover the Young Innovation Board

#4 Four TriFinance power women are boosting their careers at BeNe Rail

This is the growth story of four young women, all of them Project Consultants at TriFinance Public Sector unit, who are working on their career path at BeNe Rail, a collaboration between the Belgian and Dutch railroads - NMBS and NS - for the online sale of international train tickets. 

Discover how Leen, Sanne, Julie and Rosalie are driving and developing their careers

#5 Gert Smit: "Ambition only temporarily matches with a job"

TriFinance puts the growth and development of employees first. In a podcast, TriFinance founder and chairman Gert Smit sheds some light on his motivation to start the company and why he dislikes the term Human Resources. He also shares an important insight: you can only find ambition within a certain job temporarily each new job only gives you the opportunity to tap into your ambition for a short time

Listen to Gert Smit explaining his views on people, careers, work and the TriFinance organization.