Top 5 Most-read articles 2022 - Public Sector

20 December 2022

In 2022, readers with an interest in government-related subject matter were especially charmed by the career story of Business Manager Public Sector Veerle Poelmans, and by the lessons she had learned on a hike through Lapland. Once again, the success of this story proves how closely careers and business are intertwined at TriFinance. Other 2022 highlights are a project in the context of the scale increase in social housing that is being imposed by the Flemish government, and several other Public Sector projects related to the impact of sustainability on local authorities and companies.

#1 Veerle Poelmans: 'Lapland was a stopover in my career'

In the fall of 2021, Veerle Poelmans, then General Manager of Local Government in Niel, headed to Lapland to celebrate her 50th birthday. It was to be a physical challenge that would give her greater self-awareness and at the same time a coaching exercise in personal leadership. In this interview, she looks back on key moments in her career and the lessons of the far North: 'You can't improvise there,' she says. 'I learned that you get more out of a project if you are well prepared.'

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#2 Evolving toward a single social housing society

In October 2021, the Flemish government decided that the various actors active in social housing should merge into a single social housing company for a given operating area. De Ideale Woning, a large housing company with 8,000 houses in its portfolio, asked TriFinance to make a number of financial simulations for areas such as patrimony, loans, rental income, rental costs, personnel budget, maintenance costs, and future projects.

Rens Creusen explains (Dutch)

#3 Toward a high-performance local climate policy

The European Green Deal, translated at the Flemish level into the Local Climate and Energy Pact and the Covenant of Mayors, emphasizes the importance and urgency of a local transversal climate plan. In 2018, the City of Roeselare, together with TriFinance, set up a program supported by the board, administration, and citizens of Roeselare. In this interview, Project Consultant Helena Vandekerckhove and Business Manager Bart Van der Velde look back on this successful case.

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#4 City of Roeselare aims for climate neutrality by 2050

Cities and municipalities are key players in achieving climate neutrality by 2050. In 2017, the city of Roeselare signed the Covenant of Mayors. A year later, the administration presented a climate plan for a climate-neutral Roeselare by 2050. To implement its climate plan, the city decided to roll out a program with organization-wide climate goals.

Helena Vandekerckhove reports (Dutch)

#5 Impact analysis of Europe's relaunch policy for the construction sector on Wienerberger NV

Wienerberger NV asked TriFinance to make a relevant impact analysis of the comprehensive European recovery plan on its (future) activities. The company also wanted to know how these plans will be translated nationally and regionally.

Steve Waeyaert and Jens Vanpevenaege report (Dutch)