Transforming within a changing world: how Mano leaves his mark

11 March 2022

TriFinance colleague Mano Jai is Project Consultant for Financial Institutions. At the moment, he is leaving his mark at a company specializing in life insurance. There, he supports the implementation of new accounting standards.

Innovation and new angles

Mano thinks it’s interesting to be in the middle of an innovation wave. “Our world is changing so rapidly and insurance companies need to be able to keep up. Just think of the increase in electric vehicles. Therefore, within the insurance industry, there is a great need for new, forward-looking processes that make everything more efficient.

Implementing these new processes involves much more than just the technical aspect, Mano says: “We aim for all employees to be on board with these changes. To make a difference in these kinds of processes, I combine the huge amount of knowledge I gain at TriFinance with my previous experience at a start-up. This allows me to come up with new, fresh angles every time.”

“Many say that people come first, but at TriFinance that’s really true”

Mano, Project Consultant at TriFinance

Listen to your plans

3 years after college graduation, Mano enters an environment brimming with opportunity. “It’s up to you to chart your own path. But while taking your career into your own hands, you'll get all the support you need from TriFinance to walk that path. Moreover, they listen to what you have to say here. I am free to speak my mind, even when it comes to my career plans.”

Involvement from genuine interest

Mano experienced that consultants always come first at TriFinance. “Many companies claim this, but here it’s really the case. They closely keep track of how you’re doing and what your expectations are. Even the managers are very involved: for example, I recently had a very good conversation with the head of my department during a coffee break. They were genuinely interested in how I was doing.”

Continuous change

“The flexibility that comes with consultancy is really my cup of tea,” Mano says. “With every project, my expertise grows. The constantly changing environment does present a serious challenge at times, but that's exactly what I like about it. Moreover, being an external consultant gives me the advantage of getting in touch with the company’s senior management faster.”

In the coming years, Mano wants to gain even greater insight into financial processes. “In that respect, I'm well placed at TriFinance: there is a strong culture of knowledge sharing, among colleagues who have mastered countless best practices. It's safe to say that a whole world is opening up to me because I'm discovering new opportunities every day.”

It's time to leave your mark

At TriFinance you leave your mark on projects that truly fit your ambitions and interests. We help you build a career in the world of financial institutions.