Top 5 Most-read articles 2022 - Banking and Insurance

20 December 2022

 In 2022, professionals from the banking and insurance sectors showed a clear preference for future-focused, strategic content. Two major events, one on the future of banking, and another on the future of insurance caught the attention of many professionals in the field. Also forward-looking is the reference case of an RPA implementation at a major insurance company. The content was relevant in 2022, and it will be for the years to come.

#1 The role of insurers in 2030

During a panel discussion, Hilde Vernaillen (P&V Group), Heidi Cortois (NN), Dorsan van Hecke (Athora Belgium), Cedric De Vleeschauwer, (Alan) and Jean-Philippe Thirion (TriFinance) discussed how the insurance industry is to remain relevant in the years to come and what their own role will be.

Meet the panelists

#2 The future of insurance: The state of play

The insurance sector has entered an era of rapid transition. Every aspect of the industry’s traditional operating model faces growing pressure from a variety of internal and external factors. Vincent Vankerkoven explains how the industry has changed and offers his insights on the potential challenges ahead.

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#3 The Future of Banking, panel discussion

From launching a new bank during a global pandemic, to adapting business models, ecosystem building, hybrid models, the Finance of Things, and rules and regulations, the panel discussion organized by Aion Bank and TriFinance touched upon a lot of topics related to the future of banking.

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#4 The Role of Insurers in 2030 - Looking back at the panel discussion

A panel discussion on the role of insurers in 2030 touched upon the importance of insurers during volatile times, the impact of their governance on their clients and society and the relevance of investing in skills for the future. The event pictures and recordings of the session are available below

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#5 Implementing RPA bots at an insurance broker

A large insurance broker, was taking its first steps in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a desktop interface used to replace human actions, and to digitize processes.

Renaat Colpaert reports